My teaching style is relaxed, fun and inclusive.

I aim for the moment when my student finds the ‘aha!’ of awareness that aligns body and soul, when their whole being finds poise.

Using a variety of modalities, my clients can create personalized sessions to meet their specific needs.

The TRAGER® Approach is movement based bodywork, including tablework and self directed movement off the table. Gentle, comforting and quieting, it increases flexibility and lightness.

Alexander Technique is a hands-on method to bring awareness to your habitual postural patterns and help you find new, pain-free ways to be in your body.

Pilates and GYROTONIC® Method are each unique systems of whole body exercise designed to strengthen, tone, increase coordination and integrate, instead of isolate, muscle groups.

For example: you might need The TRAGER® Approach to help you release long-held gripping in your muscles, the Alexander Technique to become aware of how you got yourself there in the first place and to help you make new and more efficient choices, and Pilates and GYROTONIC® Method to strengthen and anchor the changes.


In addition to private sessions, I also offer workshops for groups of people who want to explore specific issues and areas of their bodies:

  • in technical aspects of movement
  • in Experiential Anatomy/Anatomy for Movement
  • in Pilates teacher training and continuing education